Improved SIM ecosystem will facilitate Ghana’s economic transformation – Joe Anokye


Director-General of the National Communications Authority (NCA), Joe Anokye, says he’s confident the ongoing SIM Card registration exercise will become a cornerstone for the country’s transformation.

The ongoing SIM Card Registration Exercise, which has been questioned by some stakeholders, commenced on 1st October 2021. It is expected to among other things help develop and build a SIM database which will assist in the curbing of fraudulent activities and the securing of SIM Card based transactions.

Speaking at the launch of the Cybersecurity Authority and the Critical Information Infrastructure Directive, Mr. Anokye noted that the registration exercise when completed will complement the efforts of cybersecurity stakeholders in fighting cyber-related threats.

“With a robust SIM registration exercise, we are sure that Ghana will become one of the first African countries to have a SIM ecosystem that will have integrity and acts as a cornerstone for rapid transformation of the economy. By our coordinated efforts, we encourage that the SIM card registration exercise will subsequently complement the efforts of cybersecurity stakeholders in fighting growing sophistication in cyber-related threats and crimes.”

“We are hopeful that not only will the exercise secure and create an venue to ensure a well-secured communication database to support government’s development interventions, but the process will concurrently facilitate the registration of mobile phone devices in a bid to considerably reduce cybercrime and related illegal activities in the country,” he added.


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