Esiama Health Center Organize Health Screening


Under the auspices of Nana Ainoo Kwagyan ||| Chief of Esiama, The Esiama Health Center on Sunday 15th August 2021 organized a Health Screening Exercise around the seashore close to Bafana beach. It is pertinent to note that this particular area is heavily patronized by revelers and party-goers within the Ellembelle District and beyond.

The health screening entailed checking of Blood Pressure,Blood Sugar levels,Body Weight and Sexually Transmitted infection such as HIV,Syphilis,Chlamydia,Gonorrhea etc.

In all 104 participants were screened,worryingly some participants tested positive for HIV and other sexually – transmitted infection.Other statistic of Blood pressure,sugar level etc also raised some cause for concern,there was free distribution of Condom as part of the sensitization eeforts. Some participants were referred to the Health Center for further management.

The Health personel in charge of the screening promised to work hard to seek sponsorship for this all important exercise with the help of Nana Ainoo Kwagyan |||


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