Houses in Ghana costs more than Atlanta – Michael Blackson


Ghanaian-American actor, Michael Blackson
Ghanaian-American actor, Michael Blackson has bemoaned the high cost of living claiming that houses in Ghana cost more than Atlanta hence the
need for the government to fix the system.
Blackson’s rage comes on the back of a nationwide appeal by the youth to the government to fix what they say is a corrupt system coupled with
economic hardships.
“Houses in Ghana costs more than Atlanta but average income is less than what a crackhead gets on the street,” his tweet read.
The actor went on to express how government officials are bent on amassing wealth at the disadvantage of the ordinary citizen who voted for these
politicians with the hope of seeing a change in narrative.
According to Michael Blackson, the problem of Ghana cuts across the African continent hence the recent campaign must be a wake-up call to all
African leaders to ensure they provide the best education, healthcare, jobs, and affordable housing for the less fortunate.
Read the tweets by Michael Blackson below


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