Akufo-Addo ‘blackmailing’ NDC double salary MPs to do his bidding – JOY


(JOY) a politician who contested as an independent candidate for Ghana’s presidential elections in 2012 and 2016 has said that
happenings in Parliament currently is due to the fact that the President is holding the balls of Key NDC MPs cited for taking double salaries.
Although Ghanaians expected that the NDC MPs will not allow business as usual in the 8th Parliament, that seems not to be the case as the Majority
in Parliament seem to have their way with everything that passes through the house.
Reacting to this, Jacob Osei Yeboah has noted that the President keeps squeezing the balls of these corrupt leading NDC Members of Parliament in
order to get his policies, programmes through easily while the party’s membership suffer.
To him, with how things are going, it’s evident that the NDC may not survive until 2024 because the party is now weak and needs some energy
injected into it but their corrupt leaders will not allow it.
He said “What’s Happening in the 8th Hung Parliament? Nana Addo is holding the balls of key double salary NDC’s MPs in the 8th Hung
Parliament. You all know that when a man’s balls are being squeezed, his mind and actions are incoherently bizarre. So NDC rank and file be calm
and understand Gen. Mosquito and Elders. Prez Mills’ death weakened two kidneys of NDC. Mahama’s governance damage one Kidney completely.
“Ministerial vetting almost damage the other kidney. NDC is now on Political Dialysis in the 8th Hung Parliament whilst Nana Addo keeps on
squeezing the balls of all double salary NDC’s MPs and corrupt high ranking members intermittently. Can NDC survive till 2024? NDC first needs a
kidney transplant from a strong donor in order to survive from the political Dialysis machine of Nana Addo, the political maestro”


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