Deferment not punishment – GIJ to students


Management of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) has justified its directive that asked students who were unable to meet registration deadline to defer their courses.

In a statement, dated Wednesday, March 24, the management of the school indicated that the directive is in consonance with Section 9.3 of the Institute’s Undergraduate Academic Policies and Procedures which stipulate that “students who fail to register (in person or by proxy) during the official registration period at the beginning of the semester forfeit their right to register for the semester or the entire Academic Year.”

This statement, justifying their position, comes after some students of the institute took to the school’s premises to protest the directive.

Clad in black and red, the students accused the management of the Institute of being unfair, and asked for the directive to be revoked.

But GIJ said the decision taken by management should be seen as an “opportunity” and not “punishment”, as deferment of the course ensures that those affected retain their studentship.

“Management’s notification to students who fell foul of the above sections was to ensure that affected students do not lose their studentship. Deferment of programme should therefore not be seen as a punishment but as an opportunity to retain studentship,” the statement said.


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