Veteran actor calls for prayers as he undergoes critical surgery


Veteran Nollywood actor, Clem Ohameze, has filled the eyes of movie lovers with tears after giving an update on the state of his health.

Mr Ohameze, in a latest video, said he is still battling complications from a near-fatal car accident he was involved in, adding that his spine has been affected.

He disclosed that while he was being treated in the hospital, doctors discovered his lower limb has also been affected.

The result of an x-ray showed that his cervical vertebrae three had collapsed on four and it was causing pressure on his spinal cord, thereby, causing the retardment of the lower limb.

According to him, he was treated for a while and he got better, but at a point, he experienced difficulty in walking.

The pain has to date rendered him immobile, for which he said surgery is urgently needed to decompress and separate the cervical three from four.

H called on his fans and well-wishers to offer prayers for him to be able to undergo what he said is a difficult and fearful procedure.


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